How we work

We aim to build enduring relationships with clients by providing quality services that meets their changing needs.

How we will provide advice to you

1 First meeting •  Getting to know you
•  Discussing your goals and objectives
•  Suggesting which advice services appropriate for you
2 Getting all the facts •  Completing a profile of your personal and financial goals
•  Establishing the level of risk you are comfortable with
•  Developing a clear picture of your situation
3 Agreeing on the service •  Issuing a letter of engagement
•  Answering your questions on services and costs
•  Agreeing on us preparing your advice strategy
4 Preparing the advice •  Analysing strategies and options
•  Researching potential products
•  Preparing our recommendations
5 Presenting the advice •  Presenting our advice in a Statement of Advice (SoA)
•  Discussing the SoA and Product Disclosure Statements
•  Answering your questions so you are comfortable with our recommendations
6 Implementing •  Permission to proceed
•  Implementing the agreed strategy
•  Placing your investments and issuing policies
•  Confirming your plan is in place
7 Ongoing review and service •  Examining portfolio performance and recommending changes
•  Considering any new legislative opportunities or threats
•  Accessing our in-house investment research to guide ongoing investment decisions
•  Reviewing your financial situation, needs and objective